Social media management


Digital marketing


Web design


Promote Nōra’s upcoming projects, as well as attract and convert potential buyers to subscribe to property waiting lists.

Premium development project of luxury Micro-Chalets in the heart of the Laurentian forest. With the building in full swing and delivery expected for March 2022, Nōra has tasked us with increasing visibility, attracting and converting potential buyers.

Verdant greenery mixed with shots of stunning architecture in wood and glass, and various maps showing surrounding natural / park areas
A map showing a chalet property which is surrounded by greenery; the map indicates walking trails and gravel roads nearby.
Various icons depicting swimming, kayaking, snowshowing, skiing and other attractions

<span class="case-study__display">360° approach</span>

Social media management, social ads, monthly email campaigns and lead automation set up.

Development of a new website with the main call-to-action to enroll in their property program.

Social media management on Instagram and Facebook, digital ad campaigns, email campaigns, lead automation set up.

I do not even need to look after what they are doing, our social and digital strategy is on point, we are already exceeding our objectives.

<span class="case-study__author">——  NŌRA MICRO-CHALETS DE LUXE</span>

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